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Icon + dot eye chibi payment
IC : melody11 by xaevlyn
IC : kyonei by xaevlyn
IC : Jae-san by xaevlyn
Dot eye chibi by xaevlyn
Dot eyed : Normal eye 1 : Normal eye 2 : Dot eyed chibi
More examples… 
Pixel doll + mellow icon payment
C : ang nyan 2 by xaevlyn
C: sushirabu3 by xaevlyn
New icon base by xaevlyn
Please state style ~
1 ;send ref with color of bunny .
2 ;send ref with 3 items you want in the clouds , easy ones please
3 ;just ref will do 
Chibi sketch with shade
C : xxpninixx by xaevlyn
Requests batch 1 by xaevlyn
Please post your ref :3
Coloured sketch +600 pts ~
Humanised sketch with shade
C : cloudieskies by xaevlyn
C : jaazzyx by xaevlyn
Please post your ref :3
Coloured sketch +600pts ! 
Tip box
Asteraine By Ang Nyan-d8n0tf3 by xaevlyn
If you like my art and want to support me , this is the stupid tipbox QAQ/

And for other commissions please check here ~ 
*NEW.Commission info ~ [ OPEN ]



Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

Please follow me on instagram at xaevlyn_ I recently made it an art account !
\ >3< / ♥
Raffle to clear my leftover adopts no one apparently wants lmao
random adopt 2 [ OPEN ] by xaevlynSnowflake adopts [ OPEN ] by xaevlyn
theres only a total of 4 adopts left. 
1- Brown hair
2- Pinkblue hair
3- Orange hair
4- Black hair

apparently, i need to profit too /slapped
so im opening slots at 50pts each ;u; if you would like one just simply press the commission button at my profile under tip box .
Do state which number you want, theres different raffles for each so theres higher chances for everyone to get the adopt they want.
Capture by xaevlyn

i bet there will be less than 5 slots bought lmao so if u rly like one of them do try to buy a slot ;v;...
if theres any adopt with no slots bought at all ill give it to one of the people who shared this journal [ if there even is lmao ] please comment the link you shared below~

EDIT; current count total 4 slots bought only ! one of the adopts is not raffled for at all ~

Will end this raffle in around 1 week's time !

Raffle end !

Edit ; SLOTS
1- none [ slot given to people who made a journal aeriuu milky-roll RisingSunYamamoto98 Pellinora ]
2- aeriuumilky-roll
3- DulcetRefrain , Pellinora
4- RisingSunYamamoto98

used rng and results are..
1- :iconaeriuu: [ since the rest got an adopt each xD ]
2- :iconmilky-roll:
3- :iconpellinora:
4- :iconrisingsunyamamoto98: 

Thankyou for participation ;u;!!! hope you use the adopts as one of the main ocs instead of dumping it aside as 'collection' !!! eitherway, winners please send me a note of which adopt you got and ill send the unwatermarked file to you another day!! [ gotta go after editing this ;u; ]

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